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Chicory Hill Farm



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Approximately 150 pounds of Pasture Raised Pork that EXPLODES with Flavor in Every Bite! 
Each bulk share of pork contains:
  • 20 lbs of Bacon
  • 4 lbs of Jowl Bacon
  • 12 Bone-in Pork chops
  • 2 Pork Loin Roasts
  • 2 Pork Tenderloins
  • 2 Ham roasts
  • 4 Ham steaks
  • 4 Boston butt roasts
  • 4 lbs of Ground pork
  • Over 60 lbs of Sausage in multiple flavors
SO MUCH VARIETY!! Pasture Raised Pork bulk shares make it easy to provide a great variety of meals for your family! 

Deposit Only Due Today: $800

(Balance is due when your pork is ready to ship.)

Total Price: $2789 (or $2695 if Paid in Full Today)


Experience the kind of pork that our grandparents thrived on "back in the day"...Back before they started adding a bunch of un-natural ingredients to everything! 

Many of our "seasoned" customers rave about how our pork reminds them of the pork they grew up eating.

We ALWAYS hear people say that our bacon is "THE BEST BACON" they've ever had!!

Now is the time to fill your freezer with this healthy, guilt-free, delicious pork from our non-GMO pasture raised pigs. Your family will thank you!

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    • 1. Place Your Deposit (or pay in full)

      Your reservation secures your share of our very limited herd. We will stay in communication with you while we process and prepare the best pasture raised pork for you.

    • 2. Get Your Pork

      We will notify you when your pork is ready. Your pork can be picked up or shipped for free right to your door starting in October through December. (We will fulfill orders in the order that we receive them.) If you have not paid in full, your final amount will be invoiced and due when your pork is ready.

    • 3. Enjoy!

      This is the best part, hands down!! You'll have a freezer full of delicious, trusted pork to feed your family. Your pork will be professionally packaged, vacuum sealed, frozen, labeled and ready to pull out and cook at any time.

    Food You Can Trust

    It can be daunting to source healthy foods to feed your family. You can read all the labels but there's still a lot of uncertainty in our food supply system.

    Sourcing from a local farmer that you trust is truly the only way to guarantee the quality of your food.

    We make it easy to buy clean pasture-raised meats directly from a farmer you can trust.


    Our Promise to You

    Our promise to you is that your search for a trustworthy source of meat is over. We are the real deal, we care about the same things you care about, and your meat will be raised the right way. 

    Packed with nutrition, bursting with real flavor, and without the unwanted elements found in grocery store meat.

    You will notice the difference in our meat immediately. We literally guarantee it with a 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

    We are excited and honored to be your farmer!  We've never raised anything other than Pasture-Raised Meat. It's what we do.

    • Love the quality of the meat, the service and the connection made with the farmer. I love being able to know where my food is coming from and knowing the animals are well cared for and in a great environment. Greg does a great job communicating with his customers and we so appreciate all the hard work that him and his family put in for the local community!!

      -Mamie W.

    • Are you looking for high quality meats, high quality service, and looking to support a local small business? Chicory Hill is exactly that, and so much more. Knowing I've got a freezer full of sustainability gives me so much peace.
      Not only that, but Farmer Greg and his family are wonderful down to earth people that believe in a "back to basics" philosophy when it comes to raising food. At first bite you'll realize you've made the right decision ordering from Chicory Hill!

      -Erin A.

    • Fabulous farm with quality meat raised with regenerative practices. I appreciate being able to talk directly to my local farmer and knowing exactly about the food we eat. Online ordering and home delivery makes it easy to plan meals. Greg and his family simply the best and I am grateful to have found a local farm that is doing it right.

      -Cerise E.

    Bonus #1 - Free Delivery

    What's better than filling your freezer with healthy, sustainable meats? Having them delivered for FREE!!

    We are offering FREE DELIVERY for all orders placed by October 1st. Be sure to take advantage of this great bonus!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where Does Your Pastured Pork Come From?

    We raise our piglets out on grass pasture. We rotate them about once a week to a new section of pasture. Once they get to about 150 pounds, we move them into the woods and rotate them there for the rest of their days.

    What Do You Feed Your Cows?

    Our cattle are raised on pasture, where they only eat grass. They are supplemented with have when the grass isn't growing. We do not feed grain to our cattle.

    How Are Your Chickens Raised?

    We raise our chickens on pasture in mobile pens. We move these pens to fresh ground every day so that the chickens receive fresh grass along with bugs, sunshine and lots of fresh air.

    How Are Your Animals Treated and Raised?

    We treat our animals with the dignity and respect that they deserve. We strive to keep them as happy and comfortable as possible.

    How Can I Ensure that the Meat Stays Fresh Until I'm Ready to Cook It?

    We recommend keeping meat frozen until you are almost ready to cook it. Once you thaw out our meat, we suggest that you go ahead and cook it within a day or so.

    What's the Best Way to Store and/or Freeze Your Meat Products?

    You'll definitely want to keep meat frozen in your freezer until you're ready to thaw it out and cook it.

    How Does Your Pricing Compare to Grocery Store Prices for Similar Products?

    There are no products in the grocery stores that are similar to our meats. All-natural pasture-raised meats are completely different than conventionally raised meats.

    What Cuts are Included in Each Share?

    The cuts included are listed in the product description above. Please reach out if you have any specific questions about the cuts.

    What is Your Return Policy if I'm Not Satisfied with My Purchase?

    We are so confident that you will love our products that we stand behind them with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. (See Our Promise to You above)

    How is Your Meat Packaged for Delivery?

    We ship our meats via UPS using insulated boxes and either cold packs or dry ice to ensure that the meat stays cold until it arrives to you.

    How Can I Track My Order?

    We like to stay in constant communication. You will be notified when your order is scheduled to ship and again the day it leaves our farm so you know when it will arrive to you!

    Are There Any Discounts for Bulk Purchases?

    Yes! We offer our bulk shares at discounted pricing....the more you buy, the more you save!

    Our Story

    Welcome to Chicory Hill Farm, where we are committed to helping busy moms like you feed your family healthy meat that you can trust, so that you can have peace of mind with every meal you prepare.

    Just like many of our best customers, we understand what it is like to not be able to trust what’s being sold at the supermarket. That is why in 2019 we launched Chicory Hill Farm.

    At Chicory Hill Farm, we are committed to regenerative, pasture based farming without confinement housing, unethical treatment of animals or GMOs that you will find in most available sources. We believe this is essential for providing a quality product that is healthy for families and healing for the environment.